Saturday, November 24, 2012

Becoming is a process

Becoming Remarkable is a process and the most important part of this process just like any other process is the decision to become remarkable once the decision is made you are a remarkable person because who ever is on the journey and do not quit will always be on a remarkable journey because it is about the process not about the outcome or end results.

 How difficult is to make a decision to become remarkable? I think its easy and not difficult at all
first decide and they people around you are going to help you become remarkable


The formula for having a great life is already written by many authors and in many books
if you have not read anything the good start would be Napoleon Hills ' Law of Success'
and the smaller version Think and grow rich  and Dale Carnegie's How to win Friends and
Influence people and most of the books are having some reference to these books the authors
like Bob Proctor or Jim Rohn would refer to this books and so would a whole lot of others including
Jay Pujara would refer to these books as the foundation of the whole phenomenon of self Help books

yes we have to start somewhere so that is a good start.

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