Monday, January 19, 2015


When and how to start leading
Your actions inspire others to DREAM more LEARN more DO more and BECOME more you are a leader.
~ John Qincy Adams 
How can that happen
People follow people who are like them first physically if meeting physically and mentally afterwards or mentally if following online.

What we like to do we follow
What our thoughts are is what we do
As thoughta become things and they become things because we are working on our thoughts.

What gets done is our highest priority work and because it is highest on our value list.

All those who have similar values are attracted and leadership happens when
Fellow human beings are really attracted to the activity we are doing and want to
Do the same

When someone is attracted and inspired to do what you are doing you become a leader and ofcourse goes without saying that the activity must be positive and benefitting humanity.
Lifting everyone around us to Dream more learn more do more and become more lets join to do that 

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