Monday, September 29, 2014

Life and breaths

Life and Breaths.

Our years can be converted into breaths by simple math. using the approximate years
we are going to live based on current health and considering heredity factors just for
our explanation this is not exact science but you come up with a number and then
count the approx breaths you take per min and come up with life time breath calculation.

For example I would come up with something like 222 million breaths remaining if
everything goes fine and one lives up to the age estimated.

Now if my goal is to reach 1 billion people and make a positive difference in the lives
of 1 billion people means I have to positively influence the lives of 5 people per every breath
I take and that would look too much on surface.

But in today's world it is possible we have example of Facebook  reaching 1 billion people
in less breaths than above. what this means is that it is doable.

In today's setting it is possible because a video gone viral may reach millions in days.

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