Monday, September 29, 2014

How do you know your goals are audacious

How to know that your goals are audacious?

Goal are the dreams with a completion date attached to it. Goals are some benchmarks
which we give ourselves to see that we make progress.

Having audacious goals is very important because living the life to fullest extent and 
living the life to the highest extent possible is our dream. And this dream cannot be fulfilled
by having small goals. Audacious or big goals inspire us and make us dive deep within us
and make us pull all our strengths together and do more with what we have to reach them.

so that clears the idea why we should have big goals. but the question is how do we 
know our goals are big?

when you are speaking about goal with a group of people and people start moving papers
in front of them, start making notes or stop staring at your or take away the eye contact 
from you , or start taking a sip of water out of their water bottle and may be the worst start coughing. These reactions of your audience will tell you that your goals are big and audacious and you should not be taken aback but smile because now you know 
that your goal are big.

more on who you should share your goals - an important question we will address together
in the future.

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