Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Making life interesting

Making life interesting.

How do you make your life interesting?

Life is all about a feeling..........from the book Become Remarkable Now.

Feelings come from experiences and so life is about experiences..

and for making or creating an interesting life is creating great experiences.

Creating great experiences requires that we get ready and go out of our
comfort zone and experience which we have not done before.

It is starting to do something which is beneficial to the human society.

some activity which creates within us joy and peace of mind and that could
include very small celebrations such as Thanks giving or Christmas together
or going to the game or inviting people over for dinner or games or creating a group
to talk about several things or going to movies, theme parks ,etc

create some engaging discussions about topics which should reach the world
eg Ted talks and how they reach the world and start making a difference.

we will talk about in the future resources and creation of resources as the most
important element in life.

And the people who have a lot of experience have shared that life becomes
interesting when you start giving what you have because if you give what you
have the universe tries to give you more. Because the universe gets the proof
that you can handle and do something good with it and that includes

people who are handling money very well and those who need the money least
are given the most money because they have proved that they can handle the resources
very well.The banks are eager to lend them money even if they don't need it
and those who really need money the banks are not willing to give because they
have not really proven record of handling money well.

All these is written for information there might be exceptions to these sometimes
please also read the blog on common sense.

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