Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Making a positive difference in the lives of people around the world.

What is making a positive difference?

Why is it needed? Why do you want to do it?

How are you going to do it?

How will you know are making a difference and that YOU have made that difference?

Sounds like some basic questions anyone would ask when you hear someone who
is an every day individual start something like this. and especially when they put
the number Billion!.

Let's try to answer the questions one by one.

We all live on this planet and live till we don't live (dead)

we live in the way we live according to what we have considered is living - true

 The purpose is joy,happiness,peace etc

If I can help people understand the meaning and purpose of life and help to achieve
that faster than they would do normally on their own than that would be
making a positive difference. Also all the thoughts anyone would have would
be positive meaning helpful to themselves and other people and not causing
any harm or difficulty to any other individual.

why? the second question

The answer is why not and why not you and why not now because it seems
logical and the right thing to do and also it would bring personal joy and happiness
in helping someone and that is the purpose of one's life too.

How ? the third question.

The world has already found out answer to that question long time back it is just
to go ahead and apply that.
Give out positive thoughts and chart the positive actions and when someone takes
those action and get positive results then everyone around them is inspired too.

so that is the answer to our questions what,why and action steps.
Now lets get started on the journey and most questions will be the answer to how
and individualized how.

Meaning the person would come and tell you that your solutions are great but
what about me? my life is different and at that point you come out and give
the solution for that individual and make a difference in their lives is the key
to make progress.
Guest post from Billion People Project 

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